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Find Your Finish Line this Summer

2013-05-13 | By: Snap Fitness

Whether you’re a hardcore adventure athlete, a weekend warrior, or you’ve never completed an athletic competition in your life, there’s a race out there for you.

Each summer thousands of people from all across North America set their sights on completing a 5K or 10K road race, an extreme mud run, or even a full-blown marathon. In fact, Snap Fitness members are eligible for special registration discounts at several of these types of races, including the Run for Your Lives 5K (a zombie-infested obstacle run), Hero Rush (a four-mile course with 17-20 unique, firefighter-themed obstacles), and LoziLu (a 5K women-only mud run). With the nice weather outside and the opportunity to conquer a new goal alongside friends and family, finding a summer event to train for is a great way to keep you engaged in your workouts.

But before you lace up your shoes and paint your face for battle, it’s important to decide which event is right for you, and what it’s going to take to find your finish line this summer.

Set the bar high; but not out of reach – There are dozens of races from all over the country, with varying degrees of distance and difficulty. While it’s great to want to push your limits and tackle that next great challenge, it’s important to start off at the level that’s right for you.

It’s much better to cross the finish line of a race you were prepared for feeling ready to step up to the next challenge, than feeling frustrated from struggling in an event you probably weren’t  quite ready for in the first place. Start slow, build your confidence, and keep raising the bar a little more each time.

Don’t ditch the gym – We totally understand where you’re coming from: The fresh air, sunshine, and scenery are all reasons you might think it’s time to temporarily break up with your Snap Fitness membership for the summer. In reality, if you’re looking to perform at your very best – regardless of what type of event you’re training for – strength training is an essential part of the process.

Ask any personal trainer, and they’ll tell you how finding the right balance of cardio, weights and cross-training will make you a more effective runner, mudder, or even zombie. 

Check out our Facebook page for workout guides created specifically for the Run For Your Lives and Hero Rush races.

Step out of your comfort zone; but don’t abandon it altogether – When it comes to selecting a fun run, there are plenty of new, fresh ways to keep you motivated. Whether its bursts of color, action hero-like obstacles, or just the allure of a quiet stretch of road free from distractions, there’s something for everyone. But the most important thing when it comes to picking your fun run? FUN!

It’s great to push yourself and try new things, especially if it’s going to help you mix up your workouts. But at the end of the day, after all of that hard work and training, the race itself is meant to be the reward. Make sure it’s something you’ll be proud of, and try to have a little bit of fun along the way.

Need help finding the right race in your area (or figuring out how to get ready for it)? Talk to a trainer or staff person at your club, and let them get you started towards your finish line today!


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