Find Your BFF (Best Fitness Friend)

2014-03-25 | By: Snap Fitness

What are friends for? They’re here to help, support, and love you whenever you need it. You turn to them for guidance whenever you have a question or concern about work and relationships. Why not include them in your fitness journey, too?


We all know exercise is an easy way to combat depression. A lot of the time, we struggle to get started or find the motivation when we’re feeling down. That’s when your best friend comes in. As your friend, he or she isn’t going to let you stay in a depressed state. Their support is so much more personal and helpful because they truly know you and can offer genuine advice.


There are several benefits in working out with a friend. Instead of dreading your run on the treadmill, you can chat away with your buddy on the machine next to you. The time will fly by while you catch up on the latest in each other’s lives. Your friend will encourage you to go that extra five minutes and really push yourself.  Suddenly, your workout is more of a fun, healthy, sweaty gym date with your pal.


Another benefit is that you don’t need to impress your friend. They already love you, and you can be comfortable and honest with them. They’re not going to judge you on your effort or appearance. They want to help you reach your fitness goals. They’ll keep your confidence high and dedicated to your fitness plan.

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