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FGF: Feel-Good Friday

2016-01-15 | By: Snap Fitness

We’re officially half-way through the month of January. Are you on track to meet your resolutions?  No matter if you answer “yes” or “no” we have four tips this week to help you feel good, and get through the weekend with a smile on your face, and ready to tackle those goals!


Be Inspired By This Toddler Hitting the Gym to Impress a Girl

If your New Year’s resolution is to gain muscle in 2016, you’ll relate to four-year-old Brody who is working on his fitness to get strong and win the affection of a girl.


Watch below!



Read Up

Book and health nerds, unite! Our recommendation for this weekend – browse the “Health, Fitness, and Happiness” section of your local bookstore or library. Continuing to educate yourself about overall health, both mentally and physically, can bring new ideas and tactics to help you achieve your goals in 2016.


Want a little more direction? Check out this list put together by Well + Good: The 10 most exciting health books to read in 2016.


Try Stretching at Your Desk to Feel Good

Stretching at your desk does your body and mind good. By getting the blood flowing, you’ll also give your body a boost of energy that could help you work more efficiently.


Not sure what stretches to tackle in front of your computer and coworkers? Try these available thanks to the Mayo Clinic.


Clear the Junk Out of Your Kitchen

Out of sight, out of mind – #amirite? We suggest taking an hour or so this weekend to clear out the junk in your kitchen. Anything processed must go! This includes chips, pop, and sugary sweets. Then take a trip to the grocery store to replace them with “clean” options. A fridge and pantry filled with good, healthy, and nutrient dense foods will make it easier to keep on the path to a healthy lifestyle!




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