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FGF: Feel-Good Friday

2016-01-08 | By: Snap Fitness

“I feel good, today

can't nobody bring me down

I just got paid, and I think I'm gonna hit the town”


We’ve had this jam in our head all week long – check out the music video from Thomas Rhett here. Since we’re feeling good, we want you to as well! We’ve put together five feel-good tips and stories sure to kick your weekend off right.


Watch Channing Tatum Throw Down in “Lip Sync Battle”

We highly suggest taking a minute to watch THE Channing Tatum “run the world” in the popular show “Lip Sync Battle” hosted by LL Cool J. We promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Watch here!


Take a Walk Without Your Phone

Get some fresh air outdoors to rouse your senses and clear your mind. The light exercise break will also reduce momentary stress and help to re-energize your mind.


Enjoy a Banana

Or sliced avocado, or half of a baked potato. There’s evidence that people who have lower copper intake (these foods are rich in this vital mineral) are more likely to have a hard time falling asleep at night and feel less rested each morning.


Search For a New Jam or Playlist

Boost your spirits by finding a new upbeat anthem to listen to this week. Recent research at the University of Missouri discovered that individuals can successfully try to be happier, especially when cheery music aids the process.

Check out this playlist created by Huffington Post to put you in a happy mood.

Or download our feel-good anthem from Thomas Rhett, “I Feel Good


Spend Time Working on Something That’s Meaningful to You

Spend some downtime engaging in a personal project or hobby. Consider picking up a pencil if you enjoyed drawing in the past or pulling the trigger and signing up for a pottery class or basketball league.

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