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Feel-Good Friday

2016-01-29 | By: Snap Fitness

Happiness is one of the most positive emotions we can experience and is a key to living a fulfilled and healthy life. Some experts describe happiness as consisting of three parts: feeling good, living a “good life,” and feeling part of a larger purpose. Here are tree ways to feel good this Friday!


That Feeling When You Hit a PR


Although we don’t need to tell you not to throw your weights at Snap Fitness, this baby with a toy barbell is pretty darn cute.



Wake Up and Let the Sun Shine


No matter how late you went to bed, get up at a consistent time each day in order to sync your body with your daily schedule. (Yes, this includes weekends!) While you’re at it, let in bright natural light to wake up your brain. We even suggest getting outside if possible!


Eat Chocolate (It’s OK!)


Yes, you read that right! Grab a square (or two) of chocolate this Friday and help yourself feel good! The N-acylethanolamine group of chemicals found in chocolate stimulates channels in the brain to release endorphins. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, sometimes called “the love drug,” nbecause it promotes feelings of attraction, excitement, and nervousness and is associated with the euphoric feelings of falling in love.


Just keep in mind, the greater the cocoa content the better – seek out a dark chocolate option at 80 percent cocoa or higher!


Tell us! How are you feeling good this weekend? 

Use #IFEELGOOD and @snapfitness on Twitter or Instagram to chime in! 

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