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Evolution Challenge Success Story: Kathryn H

2019-11-08 | By: Kathryn H

A year ago I made the best decision and joined SNAP fitness Berlin, VT location.

I’ve always been overweight and I was finally ready to make some changes.

I was pretty nervous when I first started at the gym. I felt many insecurities, but I was welcomed with opened arms and I haven’t looked back.

I started with group fitness, then tried HIIT classes and eventually picked up running. I completed the first Evolution challenge in the spring. I’m now doing things I never knew my body could do. Push ups, burpees, lifting, tire flipping, TRX, and so much more. I completed my first 10k run at the beginning of this current Evolution challenge, and I can’t begin to explain the emotional feeling I got crossing that finish line. Im Finishing up with a 5k race tomorrow. My body has changed in ways I could only of dreamed. I’m much stronger, have increased stamina and my heart rate recovery has dramatically improved. Plus, I look forward to the gym.

This current challenge, I was able to focus on achieving real results instead of being so worried about MEPS. I felt I put effort and quality into my workouts. Overall, I feel better, stronger and healthier. My body feels strong. I’m a continued work in progress and this is a lifelong commitment for me. I want others to know that it’s never too late to put your health and well-being first. I have two small children and I’ve spent that last 5 years investing every ounce of myself into them. It was finally the right time for me to take care of myself again. I lost 8.5 total inches during these 8 weeks. I can see the muscle I’ve gained! I am so proud of how hard myself and the others at my gym worked. We encouraged each other and completed some really difficult workouts. There’s a saying I like to remind myself of “her win does not mean your loss. Just clap for her. You aren’t even in the same race.” -unknown

That makes perfect sense. We are all on some kind of journey to better health and wellness. Being able to see my progress, hard work and dedication pay off has been life changing. Just this last 8 weeks had showed me how much more my body can do! Everyday I’m excited to get to the gym and workout. We have a strong, fierce, and encouraging group at our SNAP fitness. I’m truly grateful to have this group behind me 110% each and every workout. I can’t wait to see where I’m at 6 months from now! -Kathryn Houston

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