Essential Core Workout

Snap Fitness

Consistently training your core is a crucial component of a well-balanced fitness routine. A strong core helps you to utilize other parts of your body to make the most out of your workouts. Often times people will throw in a set of abdominal crunches at the end of their workout and call it good. Don't stop there! To get the best results, include a variety of exercises that target your entire core, not just your abs. This exercise routine below is designed to work your transverse and rectus abdominis, as well as your internal and external obliques.


30 Russian twists

20 Side plank dips

10 Double leg lifts on back

Repeat 2X


20 Dumbbell side bends

30 Oblique crunches

20 Hip twists in plank

Repeat 2X


10 V-ups

20 Double leg lifts lying on side

40 Bicycle crunches

Repeat 2X


What are your favorite core exercises? Leave a comment below!