Don't Forget to Sleep!

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Sleeping is essential for the body and to restore, function, and maintain a healthy weight. A lot of people forget the importance of a good night sleep or abuse the amount of sleep they get. Aim for 6- 8 hours of sleep every night.


How to get a better nights sleep:

1. Drink tea (non stimulated) for relaxation

2. Read a book

3. Stay away from electronics 30 minutes prior to bedtime

4. Do some stretches

5. Meditate

6. Turn off or cover anything that gives off light

7. Take a warm bath or shower to sooth the muscles

8. Have an earlier and light dinner

9. Do yoga

10. Avoid naps

11. Sleep in temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees

12. Scent the room and sheets with scents like lavender and tea tree oil



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