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Core Attack

2015-07-29 | By: Snap Fitness

There is more to the core then just the rectus abdominis, commonly referred to as six pack muscles. Your obliques, lower back, and under-laying abdominal musculature are crucial to support the body during movements throughout the day.


Make this workout a part of your weekly routine to build strength in your core, improve definition, and develop total-body stability. Without a strong core, it can be very difficult to see an increase in strength and performance.


Perform this circuit of movements one to two times through.


Cable Machine Oblique Rotations


Stand with proper alignment and a neutral spine as you face perpendicular to the machine. Rotate as far as possible using the oblique muscles while keeping the arms straight, then return slowly to the starting position.


Repeat rotation 10 times in each direction.


Side Planks


Keep one forearm flat on the floor and stack your feet on top of one another. Raise your hips up and hold, engaging the obliques to keep the hip elevated. Hold the other arm straight up. For modification, drop knee to ground if necessary.


Hold for 30 seconds.


Ab Crickets


Hold your body in a plank position (on your hands) and brace your core. Maintain a neutral spine as you bring one knee into the chest. Return foot to the ground and then bring the other knee into the chest. Continue alternating knees.


Alternate 15-20 times for each knee.


BOSU Bicycle Crunch


Lay in a supine position (on your back) on top of the BOSU ball. Place hands on the side of your head (keeping elbows out), and elevate one foot above the ground while the other is bent to 90 degrees. Keep the neck in a neutral position and keep a slight flexion in the spine as you alternate bending the knees into the body. Slightly rotate the opposing elbow forward to connect knee and elbow.


Perform for 30 seconds.


Alternating Supermans


Laying face down on the mat, extend your arms out in front of your body. Lift right arm and left leg off the ground, keeping both limbs straight. Engage your lower back and glutes to hold the position then slowly return the floor. Alternate opposing limbs.


Alternate for 30 seconds. 

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