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Cardio Crush Interval Training

2015-08-18 | By: Snap Fitness

Interval training has been around forever, but like most aspects of the health and fitness world, it has and will continue to transform.  Utilizing complex exercises that require an increased amount of energy allows the body to build full body strength and endurance. When these exercises are completed as a superset or in a circuit, it becomes a highly effective way to burn calories and lose fat.


Many times we overcomplicate workouts in the gym; when in reality, keeping it simple can be much more effective. This does not mean working at a rate that “feels” simple because this workout should push you to the max. It is important to give it everything you have for each exercise during the workout to achieve the best results.


Complete each exercise with a 45-second time interval and 20 seconds of rest before starting the next exercise. Rest for one minute after each full circuit.


This workout should be at least 15 minutes but no more then 20 minutes. Work hard to accomplish as many repetitions as possible or get as far as you can during the sprint of each circuit.




Burpees: Start in standing position, move down to the floor and complete a push-up. Pull feet underneath your body and jump in the air. Land with soft knees and repeat.


Jumping Pull-ups: Position yourself under a bar so that you can grab the bar with arms fully extended. Once the time starts, jump in the air and pull your body up to the bar. Control the descent so the feet land and jump right back up.


Incline Treadmill Sprint: Keep the incline between a 7.5-10 -percent grade on the treadmill and sprint as fast as you can for the full 45 seconds.

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