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Burpees For Veterans

Jason Mosel's World Record Attempt

2019-03-18 | By: Snap Fitness

On March 22, at 6 p.m., the Snap Fitness gym in Berlin, Vermont will be hosting an attempt to break a World Record. Sgt. Jason Mosel, 33, will try and top the record of 4,556 chest-to-ground Burpees in the course of 12 hours. In fact, he plans to crush that number by getting to 5,000.

But it’s the reason behind the goal that’s even more important.

Sgt. Mosel is raising awareness for veteran suicide prevention. Every day, 20 veterans die by suicide in the United States (one every 65 minutes). This is a deeply personal cause for the former marine. After a tour of Iraq in 2005, Sgt. Mosel found himself in a dark place, as he was suffering from the effects of depression and PTSD. At his lowest point, he attempted suicide. That is why the evening to morning livestream of the event was intentional.

“I want to show everyone out there who may be struggling that we are a team together in this, Sgt. Mosel said. “And that’s why it’s going to be at night, because at night is the hardest time.”

It was through exercise that Sgt. Mosel began turning his life around. Instead of picking up a bottle of alcohol after work, he’d go for a long run. Eventually, he began taking part in extreme endurance competitions, which not only improved his mental health, but also helped him find a community. “After building back up from that dark time in my life, the thing that I found that brought me out is fitness, endurance, racing. It’s really helped. I want to show that to people.”

To prepare for his upcoming challenge, Mosel has trained hard for over three months, performing thousands of Burpees every week. While his personal single-session record is currently 3,000 Burpees, he has been developing the stamina and confidence to hopefully claim the World Record for his own.    

To support Mosel, RSVP for the event and follow along as he attempts to break the World Record for most chest-to-ground Burpees in 12 hours. You can also donate to the Josh Pallotta Fund, which seeks to raise money to build a wellness recreation center for Veterans.

“As veterans, we didn’t go into battle alone,” Sgt. Mosel said. “And we’re not going to fight this battle alone.”


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