Buns of Steel Workout

Snap Fitness

A lower-body circuit is just as important as a upper-body circuit. You use your quads and hamstrings for functional movements, such as putting groceries away in your kitchen. It’s important to continually strengthen them.


In the lower-body circuit, warm up with elbow-to-knee squats. After you go through the circuit twice, end with a speed walk. This increases your heart rate, which means an increase in calorie burn, and works out any soreness from muscle fatigue.


Do this circuit twice through:

Elbow-to-knee squats – two sets of 30

Cable kick back – two sets of 15

Ball bridge – two sets of 30 

Lunges length of gym (down and back is 1) - three times

Weighted elbow to knee squats – two sets of 30

Speed walk on incline of 10% for five minutes