Booty Buster Workout

Snap Fitness

Shorts season is upon us. Sculpt your glutes and flaunt them confidently this season! This workout is meant to change the way your glutes look and feel by combining a number of exercises that target specific muscles. It’s important to create stress in big muscle groups surrounding your glutes (like hamstrings and quadriceps) for maximum results. When performing single leg movements, your glutes will be engage to help stabilize your body, providing higher muscle activation in the target areas. This circuit will target your glutes in a way that will create a new body from the waist down.

Complete the following exercises as a circuit. You’ll need a box or raised step for some of these moves. Give minimal rest (30 seconds in between each movement and 90 seconds between each full circuit) and complete three full circuits.




Reverse Lunge Step Up: Keep your body weight focused into the front leg on the step. Let the back knee bend towards the ground, still keeping weight forward on the front heel.  Allow the leg on the step to drive up to a standing position while keeping chest up. The front leg will control your decent as well when returning back to the starting position.


Perform 10 repetitions each leg.



Split Squat with Back Foot Elevated: Keep weight primarily on the front foot and flex your knees and hip slightly. Allow the back knee to bend until it almost taps the ground while maintaining proper posture, chest up with shoulder blades retracted. Drive through the heel of the front foot to push back to the start position, engaging the glutes.


Perform 10 repetitions each leg.



Single Leg Deadlift: Standing on one leg, lower the torso towards the ground while lifting the other leg back and straight. Keep your leg on the ground, slightly bent at the knee with a flat back. Once you feel a stretch in the hamstring, pull your torso back up to a standing position.


Perform 12 repetitions each leg.



Squats: Holding weights above the shoulders, push your hips back and bend the knees while maintaining proper posture. Once the knees have bent just beyond 90 degrees, drive through the heels to push back up to a standing position.


Perform 15 repetitions.



Single Leg Hip Bridge: Place one foot on top of the step and raise the other leg straight in the air. Push your hip up off the ground and as high as possible while squeezing the glutes.


Perform 12 repetitions each leg.