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Benefits of Squatting

2014-08-17 | By: Snap Fitness

If you're looking to get some serious results fast and improve your overall fitness, squats will do the trick! You can do different variations such as barbell back squats and front squats. Not only are squats effective for building a strong lower body, but they also deliver a number of additional benefits.


Here are five reasons you should add squats to your weekly routine.


Boosts Hormone Health


Squats involve the largest muscle groups in the body, which causes a great stimulus for growth. Total-body exercises are potent stimulators for muscle-building hormones. This will improve body composition all over your body, not just your lower half.


Enhanced Core Strength


Your core has to work twice as hard to maintain an upright posture when performing squats.  They will improve core strength and prevent injury at the same time.  


Better Balance


Because squats work and strengthen your core, it also helps you build balance through the rest of your body.  Doing squats regularly will help you add balance through your entire workout routine.  Make sure you are using proper form for squats to be the most effective. Here’s how to do the perfect squat


Better Behind


One of the most commonly known benefits of squatting is improving your glutes. You can improve them even quicker if you do full squats with correct form.


Improved Mobility


By moving your body through a full range of motion, you’ll not only build strength, you’ll boost mobility, too. Squats help to increase range of motion with the pelvis, spine, and knees.   


Now let’s see you squat! Try this squat workout for guaranteed success.

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