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Are You in a Relationship with the Gym?

2016-05-26 | By: Snap Fitness

There’s nothing wrong with being a dedicated gym-goer. In fact, you are probably happier and more energized than non gym-goers. Who doesn’t want that? Keep track of how many of the bullets below apply to you. Then see your relationship status with your gym at the end!


  • You frequently turn down plans with friends that intercept with your workout schedule.
  • You could draw a map of your gym from memory.
  • Many of your stories begin with, “This one time at the gym,” or “The other day at the gym.”
  • You think a piece of equipment or spot in the gym is yours and cringe when others invade it.
  • Most of the others at the gym know who you are and vice versa.
  • You have worked out on a Friday or Saturday night at least twice in the past month.
  • Going to the gym is usually the highlight of your day.
  • You put more thought into what you will wear to the gym than what you will wear to work.
  • Your entire schedule revolves around your workout schedule.
  • Occasionally, you recruit friends to go to the gym with you so they can experience how great it is too.
  • You’ve had the gym to yourself before and it felt like when you were a kid and your parents were gone.
  • You’ve worked out at the gym when it was crowded and felt like there were too many people in your house.
  • You have at least two strangers’ workout routines memorized.
  • Sometimes you pick up after other people, not because you need the equipment, but because you are protective of your gym.
  • You put your belongings in the same cubby every time, but if it happens to be occupied, a small part of you dies inside.
  • Sometimes you worry that other people at your gym think you have no life because you are always there.


Calculate your results:

0 – 4: Single

5 – 9: It’s complicated

10 - 16: In a relationship!


What it means:

Single: You head to the gym here and there, but definitely don’t consider yourself a regular. You aren’t quite ready to commit yet, but you’ll get there someday!

It’s complicated: Your gym visits are very inconsistent. Some weeks you’re there crushing your workouts almost everyday, but other weeks you hardly make it there more than once. This on and off pattern makes it difficult for you to define your relationship with the gym!

In a relationship: Gym is bae. Do we really need to explain?


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