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2019-05-29 | By: Alexa

When I first joined Snap I didn’t even use my membership. After a few months I realized it was ridiculous to be paying for something and not use it. Even more ridiculous was where I had let myself get to.


I remember feeling disappointed, defeated, and overall just really upset with myself. So, like many people, I started going to the gym right after the new year. I knew this time had to be different. It couldn’t be like all the other times of yo-yo diets or quitting after one week. I had to do this for me.


I started going to the gym consistently and felt accountability thanks to Janae and Marlowe (the owners). Everytime I walked in the door they greeted me and asked me how I was doing and were so warm and inviting.


One day Janae invited me to her HIIT class, I was absolutely terrified. What if I couldn’t keep up? What if I failed at everything? She reassured me I could go at my own pace and that I could do it. So I took a leap of faith and went, and it was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


HIIT class is amazing, it isn’t a walk in the park but I’ve seen people of all ages and fitness levels do great at it. You can modify if you need to and Janae is always the first to say that. You can take a break if you’re dying. No one judges and is super inviting, and I’ve met a lot of fun people doing it who are there to support you wherever you are in your journey. I can’t recommend it enough. It is hard but a lot of things in life are, and if you think about it you only have to do it for one minute. You can do anything for one minute.


After going to HIIT consistently and doing some weights I remembered from high school, I wanted more. I talked with Janae about trying personal training. I started PT on February 5 and it has honestly changed my life. I have been on two vacations during that time and still managed to lose 8.5 inches overall and gain muscle! Janae has showed me more than how to lift weights and drop inches. She has shared knowledge on healthy eating, boosting my metabolism, and so much more! She is always there to help me when I have a question about a lift or to bounce ideas off of. You will never feel like you are alone on your journey again with her, she will always be in your corner — no matter where you are in the journey.


Sadly, yesterday my last personal training session, but I feel so ready to see what this next chapter brings. Not only did I have my personal best on sumo deadlift yesterday to go out with a bang, but I gained so much knowledge along the way. I feel like I have the tools to continue with my healthy lifestyle, to lift correctly, and to eat healthier. I am ready to inspire others to do the same. In June I will be attempting to hike my first 14er in Colorado, something that a few months ago would never have been possible, but thanks to Janae and everyone else at Snap Fitness it is a very attainable goal.

It’s time to stop making excuses and start making a change.

Alexa, Snap Fitness - Charles City Iowa

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