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7 Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

2015-05-27 | By: Snap Fitness

Chia seeds help prevent heart disease, maintain bone strength, and curb joint pain. These benefits come from the fiber, calcium, antioxidants, and omega 3’s that are packed into these tiny seeds.  Because chia seeds are virtually flavorless, you can sprinkle them onto any dish. Here are some great examples on how to add chia seeds into your everyday foods!


Add it to a yogurt parfait:

Chia seeds add a great crunch to your parfait!


Blend into any smoothie:

Chia seeds are a healthy way to add a little extra nutrition and fiber to your smoothie. If you let the seeds sit for a couple of minutes in your smoothie, it will help thicken it, too!


Top your cereal:

A sprinkle of chia seeds is barely noticeable on a bowl of cereal.


Use to make homemade jam:

Ditch the pectin and use chia seeds to thicken your homemade jam!


Mix into muffins:

Get a little extra fiber in your muffins by mixing two tablespoons of chia seeds into your batter.


Stir some into water:

There is no easier way to eat chia seeds than adding them to water. Plus, most of us could use a little extra water!


Make Chia Pudding:

Combine ¼ cup of chia seeds with one cup of your favorite milk and a drizzle of honey. Refrigerate overnight and top with fresh fruit and nuts!

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