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7 Moves To Make Your Workout FURIOUS

2015-04-02 | By: Snap Fitness

Seeking furious muscles like the stars of the “Furious 7” movie? Add any (or all) of these seven moves into your workout routine!


1. SPRINTS: Require speed and power, making you stronger and leaner. Try this high intensity move by pounding out seven sprints on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike.


Sprint for 30 seconds; recover with a jog for one minute, complete seven rounds.


2. BURPEES: Burpees are the real deal - this total body movement will get your heart pumping.Focus on jumping into a strong plank and engaging your core.


Perform as many burpees as you can for 30 seconds. Complete two to three rounds.


3. PLANK JACKS: Raise your heart rate while working your upper and lower body. Complete this plank variation by doing jumping jacks with your legs while holding a standard plank.


Get furious with 25 plank jacks. Complete two to three rounds.


4. BOX JUMPS: Test your agility, increase your heart rate and elevate your workout with box jumps. Start by squatting down slowly, then jump vertically and drive your arms upward. Land softly through your hips and knees on the box and then stand up before stepping off the box. Not ready for a box jump? Perform a step up or shorten the jump height.


Go full out for 30 seconds. Complete three rounds.


5. KETTLEBELL SWINGS: Build furious body strength and improve cardiovascular stamina with this one move. Be sure your feet are hip-width distance apart, chest upright and shoulders back and down. Lift with your legs and explode through your hips.


Perform 20-30 swings per round, completing two to three rounds.


6. MEDICINE BALL SLAMS: Build strength in your legs and abdominals with this powerful move. Throw the ball downward with as much force as possible, catching the ball as it bounces off the ground. We suggest using an eight to ten pound weighted ball.


Throw down 10 powerful slams, completing three rounds.


7. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: Challenge your shoulders and quads with this killer move. Draw one knee into the chest while in a plank position then quickly plant it back into a classic plank before alternating to the other leg. Repeat as fast as possible for an effective exercise.


Give it all you’ve got for 30 seconds, completing three to five rounds.


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