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6 Ways To Maintain Weight Loss

2015-07-07 | By: Snap Fitness

If you’ve reached your weight loss goal or you’re striving to stay on track to lose more, follow these six easy tips to keep yourself from slipping back into old habits.


Fail to plan = plan to fail

Planning your meals for the week keeps you from grabbing unhealthy, calorie-loaded options or going out to eat. Plan and prep your meals for the week in advance to keep your food choices easy and seamless during your busy week.


Don’t skip breakfast

This meal sets the tone for your day. Eat a high-protein meal like eggs and vegetables to stay full until lunch. Also, if you make your breakfast the night before, you are less likely to grab a donut on your way to work!


Sip on success

One sign of dehydration is the feeling of hunger. If you feel hungry even after eating, try drinking a glass of water instead of snacking to relieve hunger pains. 


Stay motivated and active

Staying active for 30 minutes each day keeps your heart healthy and prevents weight gain. This can be anything from weight training to a simple walk around the neighborhood.


Be accountable and keep a food diary

The best part about tracking your foods is you can look back on previous weeks to see if you’re eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s important to hold yourself accountable because it builds a solid foundation for success.


Try new healthy recipes

Keep meals interesting by trying new foods and recipes. Head to a local farmer’s market and grab a vegetable you’ve never tried before or pick up a new cookbook for cooking light. We also have plenty of fun and healthy recipes here on our blog!

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