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6 Ways to Fight Through a Fitness Slump

2017-03-16 | By: Snap Fitness

The dreaded fitness slump. We’ve all been there. You make it to the gym. You’re staring at the treadmill. You’re normally fired up to begin. But this time you’re not. You’re just not.


It happens to everyone. So take heart, and realize there are ways to ride out your slump and get your mojo back again. Here are some tips we use.


1. Shorten Your Workout

Take things down a notch. Maybe run 20 minutes instead of 40. Do fewer reps on the weight machine. Beg out of class a little early. Keep with what’s been working for you, but do it in a shorter amount of time.


2. Try Something New

Maybe today is the day you wander over to the elliptical machines and see if you like it. Or perhaps that kick-boxing bag is calling to you? Deviating from your typical workout can be a good way to keep the body fresh and work new muscles.


3. Don’t Stress

We can’t emphasize this enough. Occasional lack of motivation really does happen to everyone. Remember that fitness should be fun and relaxing. Try some deep breathing. Stretch. Observe others. Not every day is going to be epic. That’s OK.


4. Let the Music Move You

Sometimes a little Green Day is all you need to turn your workout into a great day. The right playlist can improve your efficiency, boost your motivation and just be a ton of fun. Don’t be afraid to rock out.


5. Talk to a Snap Trainer

Sometimes another voice can make all the difference. Our trainers have seen athletes in every kind of emotional and physical state. You won’t share anything they haven’t heard before. They will be able to suggest ways to get the most out of your fitness day, even when you’re not totally feeling it.


6. Shut It Down

Sometimes the body just needs to rest. Nothing wrong with that. Listen to your body. There’s always tomorrow. We’ll be here for you.

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