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6 Reasons Why You Need to Join the 2021 Evolution Challenge

Here's 6 reasons to put yourself first this year!

2021-01-15 | By: Snap Fitness

2021 is your year to push through and overcome any past hurdles that got in your way. If you're struggling to decide if our app-based challenge, the annual Evolution Challenge is right for you- we came up with 6 reasons why joining this 28-day fitness challenge is the right move for you.


1. Learn and Build Healthy Habits

The Challenge app is built to be the ultimate accountability partner. From motivation to fresh new workouts provided daily, the app walks you through your 28-day journey step by step. It's a great refresher to building healthy and sustainable habits!

2. Gain Recipe and Meal Plan Knowledge

Once you gain access to the app you'll be able to explore and use the healthy and easy recipes featured to give you the freedom to focus on your routine. We'll spare you the extra stress of finding recipes and healthy meal options to support you during your journey!

3. Gain a Community

Tap into the global community of #SNAPNATION! The app will directly link you to our #SNAPNATION Facebook group (will link to the group) for motivation, and direct chats with the Evolution Challenge participants.

4. Learn How to Create a Plan - and Stick to One

The app features 5 key pillars to succeeding at changing habits for good.

1. Journal: Track daily habits; this will help visualize your challenge goals so you can see the daily progress you make.
2. Nutritionist: Get a library of healthy recipes based on your diet, a meal planner, and a shopping list feature to house all your meal prep notes.
3. Trainer: Gain daily workouts that will help you reach your goals, taught by expert trainers from around the world.
4. Guru: Complete daily lessons to learn about how mental, physical, and nutritional health work together to create a healthy lifestyle.
5. Community: Connect directly with our #SNAPNATION Facebook group 

#SNAPNATION Tip: Get daily motivation affirmations sent right to you! Make sure your push notifications are turned on, so you don't miss out on this feature.

5. Win CASH From Our $5000 Prize Pool

It's easier to push through when there's a cash prize at the end, right? You must complete all daily workouts and submit your progress at the end of the challenge to be eligible. Not only is this great for you to track and see where you started, but shows how a bit of extra motivation can go a long way!

6. You'll be healthier in the end!

28 days is all it takes to turnaround your habits for good! Keep your eye on the prize, and by the end, you will notice the time fly by, and be ready to continue on your journey to a healthier you.


If you're ready to give yourself the ultimate lifestyle change for good, the Evolution Challenge is here for you. Sign-up here, or ask your local club for more details.

A big THANK YOU to our Partners and Sponsors for this challenge!

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