6 Moves for Killer Legs

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Whether you love or hate the infamous leg day, this workout will give you killer legs in no time. Get ready to rock those shorts this summer with lean and toned legs you’ve always wanted. Do these six exercises a minimum of three times a week and you’ll have lean legs in no time. 


20 Sumo Squats

Do it:

1) Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders and point your toes outward.
2) Keeping your weight in your heels, then slowly lower your bodyweight down.
3) Lower your hips until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground, then slowly return to a standing position.


15 Mountain Climbers

Do it:

1) Begin in a plank position then continue.
2) Bend your right knee and bring it up in the direction of your right hand.
3) You should now be in the same position to the one you would be in if you were climbing a mountain or tree except horizontal instead of vertical.
4) After bringing your right knee up, return it to the original position and do the previous step with your left leg.


30 Lunges

Do it:

1) Stand up straight, with your legs hip-width apart and place your hands on your hips.
2) Pull your abdominal muscles inward.
3) Step forward with your right foot approximately 3 feet apart.
4) Keep your back straight as your body moves forward.
5) Lift your left foot up slightly, so that the toe is in contact with the floor, but your heel is not.
6) Bend both of your knees at the same time. The aim is to make both of your knees stop at a 90-degree angle.
7) Pause in this position for a couple seconds.
8) Push off of your right heel to rise.
9) Return your right leg to its starting position

10) Repeat with the left leg.


20 Narrow Squats

Do it:

1) Plant your feet flat on the ground hip-width apart.
2) Look straight ahead. Bend at your knees as if you were going to sit back in a chair, keeping your heels on the floor.
3) Pull in your abs, and keep your lower back in a near neutral.
4) Lower yourself into a squat.
5) Slowly lower yourself down and back so that your upper legs are nearly parallel with the floor. Extend your arms for balance.
6) Press through heels to stand and repeat.


40 High Knees

Do it:

1) Stand in place with your feet hip-width apart.
2) Drive your left knee toward your chest and quickly place it back on the ground.
3) Follow immediately by driving your right knee toward your chest.
4) Continue to alternate knees as quickly as you can.


15 Calf Raises

Do it:

1) Stand on the edge of a step.
2) Stand tall with your abdominals pulled in, the balls of your feet firmly planted on the step, and your heels hanging over the edge.
3) Rest your hands against a wall for balance.
4) Raise your heels a few inches above the edge of the step so that you’re on your tiptoes.
5) Hold the position for a moment, and then lower your heels.

Start this workout today to get those summer legs ready!