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6 DIY Projects to Organize Your Fitness Equipment at Home

2017-09-06 | By: Snap Fitness

You workout at home instead of the gym because it’s convenient. But having all that equipment lying around is anything but. Instead of stashing items wherever you can—under the couch, beneath your bed, in the hallway closet—try these DIY projects. Not only will you finally create much-needed organization space, but you may even find the lack of chaos encourages you to use your workout space even more.


Converted TV Stand

TV stands make the perfect fitness equipment organizers because they’re made with a variety of storage and shelving options to begin with. This allows you to store everything from shoes to weights, all in one place. The best part is: you may already have an old TV stand at home you can convert into an organizer. If not, head to a second hand store, pick one up, and work your DIY magic.

Find inspiration:


Wooden Weight Rack

If you work with a lot of plates in your home gym, you know the challenge of finding a place to put them: “When I first got started setting up my garage gym, I didn’t include bumper plate storage in my budget. Matter of fact, it never even occurred to me when I was planning. I was just excited to get my power rack, plates, and the rest of my gear. Needless to say, it didn’t take very long before I was ready to get all my plates off the ground,” according to J Burgeson, of Garage-Gyms.


You can stack them, but then they’re a pain to move around and dig through. Make them easier to use and prettier to look at with a wood weight rack.


There are a few ways you can do this, find the best one for your space:


Refurbished Trunk Bench

Turn an old trunk into a double use item: storage for your workout equipment and a place to sit as you rest between sets. You can buy an old trunk online or browse around your local consignment shops and then refurbish the wood (if necessary) and upholster the top to create a comfortable seat.

Tutorial: Living Well on the Cheap


Peg Board

A pegboard is easy to make and great for storing a wide range of fitness items: “With the help of hooks, you have the freedom of hanging your things anywhere and any way you want: in the center, horizontally, vertically, at the bottom, or top. Ensure that it’s properly and securely attached to your wall so it doesn’t fall over and cause any mishaps,” according to Garage Storage Solutions.


You can even put in shelves, so you can stack items on the pegboard as well as hang them, allowing you to easily store more items.

Tutorial: The Happy Housie


Storage Book Shelf

Turn a bookshelf into a life-saving storage center by adding a few small, but necessary, organizational accessories. This DIY project requires a variety of pre-made products, like baskets and containers, but it’s up to your creative eye to make the space look clean, not chaotic.


“My goal was to give this little corner a quick refresh to inspire me to use it more frequently, and easily access the workout items.  I also wanted to bring in some items to make it even more effective and easy to use when the mood strikes, and also for cleaning up when we are done,” said Jennifer Jones, who created the space you’ll see at I Heart Organizing.

Find inspiration: I Heart Organizing


Various Storage Ideas

Your home gym needs to store a wide variety of items, and if you don’t want, or have space, to create one large storage rack—I.E. a pegboard or a bookshelf—you can create a variety of storage options for the individual items you have. Find a variety of ideas below:


Take your workout space to the next level, and get those pesky weights and yoga mats out of the way, with these fun ideas. Choose which ones are most helpful for you, purchase the supplies, and start working. You’ll appreciate clearing the clutter and having an organized space may make you want to work out even more.

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