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5 Yoga Moves to Perform After a Workout

2013-09-01 | By: Snap Fitness

As you may already know, stretching after a workout is not only an effective way to cool-down, but is also good for stiff muscles and joints. Leaving your body more relaxed and rejuvenated after pushing it to the limits.


There are many stretches that can be done, but none are as effective as doing a few easy yoga moves. Most people think that yoga isn’t for them, that it takes flexibility and balance, but in time yoga can actually assist in your overall fitness performance. In conjunction with a workout routine, yoga can be the missing piece to the puzzle. Not only does yoga provide strength in a whole new way, but also allows the body to take a break and breathe.


Grab a mat, take a moment to “stretch it out” with these 5 basic yoga moves.


Downward dog - This simple pose stretches out hamstrings, calf muscles, strengthens the core and shoulders while releasing tension in the upper and lower back,


Camel pose - This chest and heart opener is releasing tension in the lower back and neck joints.



A good modification for this posture is placing your hands on your hips leaning back slightly.



Another modifcation is placing only one hand on your ankle.



These modifcations help to support the spine while keeping your chest lifted and your lower back straight.


Standing Forward Fold - Release tension in the thighs and calf muscles. This posture also elongates the back and opens up the shoulder muscles. Great for runners and those weight training.


Legs up the wall pose - This pose helps to release tension in the lower back. Do you have sore legs or poor circulation? Then legs up the wall pose is for you!



Tree pose - Effective for stretching out the legs, back and arms, and also challenges balance.


These postures are not only beneficial after a workout, but also can aid in better sleep, digestion, and over-all mood. Next time you hit the gym, try taking a few extra minutes after your workout to go through these basic yoga postures. Your body will thank you tomorrow!

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