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4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms

Get the toned arms you’ve always wanted with these moves.

2019-04-09 | By: Snap Fitness

Everyone wants strong, toned arms. They’re not only great for showing off at the beach, but they help you feel more athletic and fit in everyday life. Unfortunately, arms don’t tone themselves. You gotta put some work into them! Luckily we have five moves to target and tone your arms without the use of expensive equipment. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, a bench (or a floor) and an arm or two.

Let’s do this!

<h2> 4. Tricep Extensions


Lay on your back with your knees bent. If you have a bench for your tricep extensions, great! If not, no problem. You can still perform this exercise while laying on the floor. The only difference is that you won’t be able to extend the weights past your head.

Start by grabbing a dumbbell or two (you can work on both arms at the same time, or you can choose to focus on one arm while spotting with the other), then breathe out while pushing the dumbbell(s) up toward the ceiling. Extend until your arms are fully locked. Inhale while bringing the dumbbell(s) back near your ears. Make sure to keep your shoulder blades back on the bench or floor and your elbows completely still throughout the movement so your triceps are performing the heavy lifting. Repeat 10 - 15 times.

Muscles worked: This is a great workout for isolating your triceps, while your forearms and lats will also be feeling the burn.

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<h2> 3. Renegade Rows


Feel like the renegade you are with this arm toning move that nearly works out your entire body!

Get into an upright plank position. Do you have a pair of weights underneath you? Good. Grab them and hold on tight. Now make sure your feet are slightly wider than your shoulders. Start by lifting one of your dumbbells off the ground and bring it up near your armpit, with your elbow pointed up at the ceiling. Then put it back down to get yourself back into a plank position. Repeat with the other arm, switching sides until you do a set of 10 on each arm. A quick note here: don’t twist your torso when lifting the dumbbell, focus on having the muscles in your arms and shoulders to do the work.

Muscles worked: Renegade Rows will not only test the limits of your triceps and biceps, but your back, shoulders and abs will all be engaged.


<h2> 2. One Arm Dumbbell Row


Back to the bench! Start by placing your right hand firmly on the bench along with your right knee. Your left leg is going to be straight and planted firmly on the ground. This move requires a bit of balance, so squeeze your core to make sure your body feels nice and sturdy before lifting.

As you perform the one arm dumbbell row, keep a neutral spine. Nice and straight. Your wrists are straight as well. Breathe out as you pull the dumbbell up to your side. Pinching your shoulder blades while lifting will help isolate your muscles. While this is a powerful move for your arms, focus more on contracting your shoulder and back muscles to do most of the work.

Muscles worked: In addition to your biceps and deltoids, this is also a great set for your back as the latissimus dorsi muscles, rhomboids and trapezius are all working together to help you lift the weights.

<h2> 1. Tricep Kick Backs


This move looks easy to perform, but it’s going to take your triceps to the limit in no time. For maximum benefit, you’re going to want to get in 12-15 reps, so don’t choose a weight that’s too heavy or light.

Get into the correct position by standing up straight. Then bend your knees and move your back forward. The weights should be at your side at a 90° angle. Imagine your back is nearly parallel to the floor and remember to look forward and not down at the ground. Now you’re ready for the kick back.

Exhale and move your forearm back in an arcing motion until your arms are straight. Then inhale while bringing your forearms in front of you, right back into the 90 degree starting position. Hold your upper arm as still as you can throughout the movement.

Muscles worked: Believe it or not, the tricep kick back does wonders for the tricep! It’s not completely isolated, though, as your delts will also be getting heavily involved.



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