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5 Ways to “Spring Clean” Your Kitchen

2015-03-20 | By: Snap Fitness

Spring is here! It’s the perfect time to get rid of all the things that weigh you down – literally. Clean the slate and start new … so, why not start in the kitchen? It’s important to toss out the unhealthy foods, but how do we keep moving forward without being thrown back into the trenches of old patterns? The answer is simple, but actually doing it is the hard part.


Believe it or not, the kitchen contains secrets; not only secrets about how we eat, but the secret to long-term nutrition success. If you’re looking to tone it up this spring, it starts in the kitchen. Keep in mind, in order to follow through with change, you have to be willing to let go of old behaviors and take on a new way of looking at food and cooking.


Here are five tips to “spring cleaning” your kitchen:


Prep produce in advance: One of the most cumbersome parts of cooking is all that chopping and mincing! Prep produce in advance and chop everything early in the week. Even if you don't have specific recipes in mind, wash, chop, and peel your favorite veggies. From there, you're just 10 minutes away from a healthy stir-fry, soup, or pasta dish.


Toss out the preservatives: Stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and spices. Try to limit the amount of canned food you purchase; they usually contain large amounts of sodium.


Keep it fresh: Swap out salt, soy sauce, and other marinades for fresh spices and herbs. Get creative and make your own spice mixes. Look to ready-made spice mixtures at the grocery store to inspire your personal creations. You'll be able to season your meat, pastas, or even snacks at a fraction of the cost and amount of salt.


Refrigerator overhaul: Try placing all of the healthy foods towards the front and center and keeping more indulgent foods out of sight. You'll find that by keeping the healthy food accessible, you are more likely to reach for it in a hurry. Simplifying and constantly cleaning your fridge out will help you on you eat healthier, too.


Go Greek: Swap out oil, butter, and heavy cream, and amp up your calcium, protein, and probiotics by using Greek yogurt. It can easily sub in for mayo, sour cream, or heavy milk in your favorite recipes.


These are just a few secrets to a healthy kitchen. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables are also great for easy, nutrient-dense meals. Get into the routine of making healthy choices, and we promise the results will come!

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