5 Ways To Make Back To School Time a Fitness Opportunity

Snap Fitness

As summer winds down and kids head back to school, you may find yourself with more time on your hands. What a perfect opportunity to invest in your fitness. Give yourself back that hour a day dedicated to your well-being so you can rock out this parenting gig. Let us help. Here are some tips on how to get back in the swing.


Schedule Gym Trips In Your Calendar. Now that you have some free time, use it smartly. Look at your schedule every week and block out gym time. Momentum is key. You want to give yourself the opportunity to experience the benefits on a regular basis. And think of it this way: exercise is wonderful for enhancing energy to keep up with your kids. Going to the gym will make you a better parent. A classic win-win.


Use This Time To Try New Things. Think about the things you’ve considered trying if you ever had the time. Been curious about yoga? We have classes. Want to work on your strength? We’ve got the machines for you. Looking to extend your cardio? Step right up. Check in with a Snap Fitness trainer at the gym and we’ll get you set up for anything you’ve wanted to try.


Check In With Yourself. Now that your life isn’t filled with racing around all the time, give yourself some you time. Slow things down. Go at your own pace. Use the gym to find calm and invigoration. Fitness is magical that way. It brings balance to all parts of your life. Take this opportunity. You deserve it.


Partner Up. Talking to kids all day can be wonderful. Let’s face it. They’re hilarious! But it’s not like talking to other adults. And you may need that stimulation. So now that the children are back in school, choose now to re-engage with your adult friends at the gym. And on top of that, make new friends. Talk to us at Snap Fitness. We’ll get you plugged into the community.


Ease Yourself Back In. If you’re looking to get back in the fitness routine, congratulations. But do us a favor: work yourself back gradually. No need to do an hour of hard cardio on your first day back, or put a ton of weight over your head, as good as that may feel. That’s a good way of risking injury. Take it slow at first. The key is to keep your workouts part of your routine for life. You’ll get there. We’ll help you.