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5 Ways to Go Beyond the Scale

2014-05-27 | By: Snap Fitness

After months of working out, you may be discouraged to discover that you’ve actually gained weight. Don’t let this alarm you. You’ve most likely deceased the amount of fat on your body and packed on some muscle. Muscle is heavy, and the scale won’t tell the full story of your body’s transformation.


Here are a few tips for measuring your success beyond the scale:

1. Inches.  Measure those areas that you’re looking to increase/decrease.

2. Body fat percentages. As you exercise, the composition of your body changes. Weight may stay the same – or even increase – but by testing body fat percentages, you should get deeper insight into what’s really happening.

3. Before and after pictures. Take a picture of yourself. Compare it to another picture in a few months or a year. See what has changed.

4. How your clothes fit. As our bodies change, our clothes will fit differently. Pay attention to if your pants become looser, or your shirts are tighter in certain areas. This is a very effective way to stay tuned in to your transformation.

5. Physical activity. Maybe you take the stairs and notice that you’re not as winded. This is a great indicator of success worth noting and celebrating!


If you do use a scale-Remember:

-Weigh yourself on the same day of the week.

-At the same time.

-While being mindful of the above tips.


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