5 Ways to Fit Exercise into your Busy Day

Snap Fitness

Are you stuck inside the office all day, running the kids to their activities and feel like there isn’t enough time for a workout? Here are five ways to fit a workout into your day.


Calm before the storm

Make becoming a morning exerciser easier by preparing lunch and breakfast the night before. Then set your alarm a half hour early to get a quick workout in. The energy boost you get from a morning workout will help you move faster and with better clarity throughout the day.


Kids are exercises and you can too

If their activities take place at a park, utilize the available resources to get a good workout in. You can also use this time for a run or walk. Talk to other parents, encourage each other to bring clothes to exercise in and plan each workout. Exercising with others can help keep everyone motivated.


Lunch time escape

The 60 minutes you have for lunch is an excellent opportunity to sneak in a good workout. If there is one close to your office, hit the gym or use the time to go on a run or walk. Stepping away from work will help you feel better and be more productive for the rest of the day.


Turn your commute into a workout

Running and biking to and/or from work is a great workout and way to start the day.  Do you take a bus or train? Get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. If you drive, park further away to get extra steps in.


Bring the kids with you

Do you have a young child? Invest in a jogging stroller. This saves on paying for a sitter and allows you to get your miles in.


What are some ways that you sneak in exercise during your day? Let us know below!