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5 Tips to Eating Healthy All Summer Long

2014-06-10 | By: Snap Fitness

It is officially time to embrace the joys of summer. Many of us like to spend the summer at a backyard barbecue or two. These usually involve food and beverages that may not be the healthiest options. Here are some ways to enjoy the fun in the sun and indulge in delicious food without compromising personal health and nutrition.

Keep it lean. When grilling, choose lean protein. We recommend skinless chicken breasts or lean pork tenderloin.


Go Whole Grain. If your meal comes with a bun, opt for a whole grain version rather than the typical white flour/processed breads and rolls.


Green is good. A crisp salad is always a healthy choice! To boost the nutrient power, select dark leafy lettuce, such as romaine, spinach, arugula and kale, and add bright-colored veggies or fruits.


Drink smart. Fruit-infused teas and water are excellent substitutes for sugary beverages. To brighten the flavor of plain water, add slices of citrus fruits; fresh berries work well in iced tea.


Stay safe. Be mindful of food safety practices, as well. Keep raw food separate from prepared or ready-to-eat foods. Keep hot foods hot (at least 140 degrees) and cold foods cold (at least 40 degrees). Put food away when you're done eating. Don’t allow food to sit out beyond two hours, or one hour if the outside temperature is 90 degrees or higher. For more information on food safety, visit


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