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5 Tips for Working Out at Any Age

2017-03-01 | By: Snap Fitness

Let’s be honest. If you used to run three-hour marathons and you’re 65 today, you’re probably not running three-hour marathons anymore. Or maybe you are. In which case, well done! But if not, that’s OK too. You can still set ambitious goals and feel good about your fitness routine, no matter your age. It just may require some adjustments along the way, which can be rewarding. Keeps things fresh. Here are some suggestions on how to embrace exercise at every stage in your life.


 1.   Stay Flexible

One key to staying fit over the long haul is to incorporate flexibility training and non-impact aerobic activity into your routines. Something like yoga will get you well on your way to building more flexible joints. And non-impact aerobic activities like elliptical gliding can be great in maintaining cardio. These activities will help you burn calories and fat, build muscle, and strengthen bones, while protecting the joints from unnecessary pounding.


2. When Looking To Get Back Into Shape, Take It Slow

It can be tempting to just go back to what you were doing before your break. Resist that urge. It’s a good way to get injured. Start slowly. If you were a runner, return by starting with walking and building through a jog to a run. If you did weight training, reduce weights to around half of the weight you lifted before your break. Extend your warm-up and cool down to protect muscles and joints from injury. As your fitness builds, usually around the six-week mark, you can add more workouts per week and increase the time spent exercising.


3. Celebrate Small Victories

Reward yourself when you successfully complete a workout, reach a goal, or simply show up on a day when you didn’t feel like it. Jump in a whirlpool or have a decadent smoothie. You deserve it. Also, write down your activities. This not only holds you accountable but is a reminder of your accomplishments.


4. Check In With a Trainer

These days there are so many fitness options. It can get overwhelming. But a good way of bringing structure to your routines and clarifying your goals is to consult with a trainer, such as the professionals we have at Snap Fitness. Let them help you plan your workouts. You’ll feel better about how you’re spending your time.


5. Have Fun!

Not every workout is going to be amazing. Some are going to be just hard work. But there are ways in which to keep it a fun activity, even if you didn’t have your best legs that day. Some ideas:


  • Listen to music or an audiobook while lifting weights.
  • Make plans with gym friends after working out.
  • Watch a favorite movie or TV show while on the treadmill.
  • Try a new class.

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