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5 Rules for Eating Lean

2014-04-16 | By: Snap Fitness

You’ve heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen.” It’s true! When it comes to losing weight, eating right is the hardest part. You can work out regularly, but you won’t get the results unless you have a healthy diet. It’s all about balance, which isn’t something that's easily learned.


If you’re looking to get lean, start following these five rules:


-Hello, Fresh Produce: Start adding more color to your plate during mealtime! No supplement provides you with as many vitamins and minerals as fruits and vegetables. They are naturally low in calories, reduce the risk of disease and heath problems, and have the essential nutrients your body needs. Because vegetables are a nutrient-dense food, you can eat until you’re full without the guilt.


-Grocery Shopping 101: Stick to shopping the outside aisles. Think about it, all the healthy food is strategically placed there: produce, dairy, and meat! They’re the most natural, unprocessed items – meaning they’re the best for your body and overall health. The items that are stocked in the middle aisles are processed foods filled with GMOS, pesticides, and phosphates. Yuck!


-H2O is the Way to Go: Sixty percent of your body is water and regulates key body functions like digestion and absorption. Hydrated muscles grow and perform at a higher level during workouts because water keeps them energized. Water’s benefits aren’t only internal; your skin contains plenty of water, too. Dehydration makes your skin dry and wrinkled. We recommend drinking water every time you have a snack or meal and keeping a bottle of water with you at work. Often times, you may think you’re hungry but you’re actually just thirsty!


-No More Added Sugars: Clean out all the candy and sweets from your kitchen, car, office, etc. They aren’t doing you any favors! Some foods have natural sugar (like fructose in fruit or lactose in milk), but you should steer clear from anything with added sugar or sweeteners — we’re looking at you, coffee fans.


-Take a Seat: Sit down during meal time. It may seem like a small detail, but it helps. You’re more likely to scarf down a bunch of food if you’re standing around your kitchen! Invite friends over for a meal. You’ll find that you’re more mindful of your bites and chew your food more. Talking with friends will make you slow down and not finish your meal so fast.


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