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5 Reasons You Should Get Excited About #SnapNation Joining NASCAR.

2014-06-23 | By: Snap Fitness

We're proud to be joining NASCAR as the primary sponsor of #40 Landon Cassill. Whether you’re a NASCAR fan or not, here’s why you should be through the roof excited for #SnapNation to join the race.


1. The need for speed. As athletes and fitness junkies we are always trying to speed things up and go at a faster pace. How about 200 mph fast? During a race NASCAR drivers will get up to speeds ranging from 160 to 200 mph!


2. The fun of it. Watching NASCAR on TV or in person just became 10 times more fun for #SnapNation! Even if you’ve tuned in before or not, now you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat watching our #40 car.


3. Live action. You never know what’s going to happen during a race. Unlike other sports, NASCAR gives you full access to whatever happens. From the cameras in the cars to the live feed of the audio from the driver’s headsets, you feel like you’re right there in the car.


4. #SnapNation loves competition. We love a good challenge whether it's at the gym or not. That’s why we can appreciate the athleticism these drivers have. They compete against each other for 4 hours at high speeds while their muscles are aching and the only option is to push through and keep going.


5. Because we don’t quit and neither does our driver. There is no such thing as a break for a NASCAR driver. That means our driver #40 Landon Cassill has to go hundreds of laps with no break. He does this with the constant g-force weighing on him of 300 pounds and temperatures in the car up to 100 degrees. 


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