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5 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid in the Gym

Make the most of your workouts

2019-09-19 | By: Snap Fitness

Avoid these 5 beginner mistakes and go from beginner to pro in no time!

So you’ve decided to start going to the gym? Awesome to hear! 

While starting up an exercise routine may feel daunting at first, there are a ton of benefits to working out regularly. Studies have shown that exercise can potentially help you live longer, treat depression, and overall, just feel happier in everyday life. Not a bad list of benefits. 

Every single day people all over the world are signing up for their first gym membership (or getting back in the game). While this can be an exciting time to get going and start chasing goals, there are a few mistakes beginners will likely make along the way. Don’t worry. Everybody has to start somewhere, and in no time at all, you’ll be feeling like a rockstar by losing weight, busting out more reps, and feeling healthier in everyday life. 

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To help you get your fitness journey off on the right foot, we wanted to share these five tips: 

<h2> Be Patient

Many people have big goals when they’re entering the gym for the first time. And this is a good thing!

You may be looking to drop 15 lbs., 50 lbs., or even more. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to run a marathon. No matter what it is, goals are important to have. They get you hyped up and deliver a well-deserved sense of accomplishment after reaching them. Just make sure you don’t overdo it in the beginning, especially if you haven’t been working out in quite some time. Not only can this lead to injury, but it can also hold back your motivation moving forward. 

Let’s go back to the marathon for a minute. While running 26 miles may be the ultimate goal, you may find yourself struggling to run half a mile your first time out. At that point, your dream may seem so far off that it’s not even worth chasing. But don’t give up. 

Be easy on yourself if you’re not making the progress you were hoping for right away. The human body needs to be conditioned to work out. But results will come. Your cardio will improve, muscles will grow, and those beginning aches and pains will lessen. 

Always keep in mind that the work you’re putting in is making you stronger. 

<h2> Working out Too Much

When starting up a new routine, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to make gains as fast as you can. But if you don’t add in enough rest time between workouts, you’re actually not taking full advantage of the work you’re putting in at the gym.

Muscles need time to rebuild and they can’t do that if you’re breaking them down again too soon. In addition, working out too much can lead to burnout or injury. When you leave the gym, you want to leave feeling like you put in a great effort. You don’t want to be so worn out that all you can do the rest of the day is lay on the couch. 

Take it easy and go at your own pace. You’re not competing against anyone. Simply putting in the effort to improve your own life is inspirational. 

<h2> Not Warming Up/Cooling Down

All right. You’re back in the gym for the first time. You got your new workout shoes on, your water bottle by your side, and you’re ready to start making some serious gains on the treadmill. 

Unfortunately, you’re so hyped up that you do a full on sprint to start off and hurt your leg. Your muscles weren’t up for the task yet. Now you’re going to be taking the following week off to recover. If only you’d warmed up!

You may think skipping the warm up saves you a little bit of time, but that’s the wrong approach to take. Consider warming up part to be part of the entire routine. It’s an important step to help you perform better and see results. 

When running, start off with a fast walk or a slow jog for a few minutes, taking the time to properly increase your blood circulation raise your muscle temperature. Then kick things up when you’re ready to blast off. If you’re lifting, begin with a lower set of weights and max out on a later set. Don’t rush it. 

And when you’re done? Keep moving! Do a light jog, stretch, and slowly lower your heart rate back to it’s normal level. This will help reduce lactic acid build up and prevent soreness in the coming days. Your future self will thank you. 

<h2> Always Doing the Same Thing

Step out of your comfort zone and mix things up

If you find yourself hitting up the treadmill every single time you go to the gym, try out something new to get in your cardio fix. The stair stepper, recumbent bike, elliptical machine, or a rower are all great alternatives to work out different muscle groups.

Because if you’re only doing the same exercises every time, you’re going to be working out the exact same muscles—missing out on a full body workout experience. 

Another alternative is that you can even try walking sideways or backward on the treadmill. You’ll be focusing on different muscles, break up any monotony that may be setting in, and to top it off, you’ll get a whole new view of the gym! 

And of course, at Snap Fitness, we have innovative workouts with MYFIT that change every single day. With a perfect mix of cardio and strength, you can get in an exciting, new workout anytime. 

<h2> Using Improper Technique

When you start your workout routine, make sure you do it the safest way possible. For just one example, lifting heavy weights takes the right kind of posture, breathing, and skill to perform correctly. Simply, if you’ve never done it before, it’s best to get some help to make sure you’re doing it right. 

Ask the trainers in your club for some help on a particular machine or movement, watch online videos for helpful tips, or invest in personal training sessions to get started off on the right foot, prevent injury, and set your workout routine up for success. Because when you use the correct technique, you’ll experience better results. 

You’re already in the gym, make the absolute most of your time there. Remember, anyone you ask for help was once at the exact same point you are! Don’t be afraid to ask a pro for additional tips or guidance. 

Any fitness routine can feel daunting at first. But just taking that first step and following these five steps help lead you to greater success and potential life-changing results.

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