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4 Ways to Spring Into Shape

2016-04-06 | By: Snap Fitness

Warm weather brings some of the best things. Tan lines, patio season, and weekends at the lake all come to mind. Of course, some not-so-healthy decisions typically come with these springtime activities. It may be hard to pass on a happy hour with friends on a cool rooftop or spending the day at the beach with a cooler filled with sugary (or alcoholic) beverages. However, you shouldn’t let this spring break down your fitness routine and healthy habits you’ve been working hard on this year. Moderation is the name of the game this season — you shouldn’t have to skip out on fun times with family and friends to avoid temptation!


Here are four ways to stay focused this spring:


It’s not all about happy hour! Plan fitness-based social activities with your coworkers and friends.

Bike to a local coffee shop and catch up over iced chai lattes. Rollerblade around the lake and hit the beach after you’ve done a few laps. Check if any fun themed-runs (like the Mud Run or Color Run) are coming to your town soon. These are all fun ways to make memories with loved ones while burning calories.

Skip the sugary drinks.

You know the usual suspects: lemonade, soda, milkshakes, margaritas, etc. They taste amazing, but the grams of sugar aren’t doing you any favors. You can never have enough water, so make it a habit to always order water at restaurants. Need a flavor kick? Ask for water with lemon or lime.

Same goes for food, too! Watch your intake of greasy and fried food.

Those french fries and onion rings always sound like a good idea, but they’ll leave you feeling crummy and overloaded with sodium and other bad fats. If you’re out with friends and need to eat, suggest sharing a veggie and hummus plate or salad. The more green options available, the better!

Check in with your Snap Fitness club.

A lot of our locations offer Run Clubs for members that start in the spring and last until the fall. Outdoor group fitness classes are also popular in our gyms. How fabulous does boot camp in the park sound? Connect with your club manager or staff members today and see what’s in the queue this spring. 


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