4 Ways to Cool-down After a Workout

Snap Fitness

Whether you just finished a five mile run on the treadmill or a rigorous lifting session, a cool-down should always follow your workout. An effective cool-down will gradually reduce your heart rate and help prevent muscle stiffness and soreness. Here are four ways to recover after a workout – bonus points if you implement all of them!


1. Cool-down cardio

After your cardio workout, slow your speed to a light pace/walk for 5-10 minutes. This will help flush out lactic acid from your muscles, preventing soreness and assist with muscle repair and recovery.


2. Stretch

Stretch each major muscle for about 30 seconds. If a particular muscle group is sore, spend more time on that area.

a. Quadriceps

b. Hamstrings

c. Glutes

d. Chest

e. Arms/Shoulders

f. Core/Back


3. Hydrate

After a workout, it is a crucial part og recovery to replenish the water supply you lost during your workout. We recommend that you hydrate with 16 ounces per hour of exercise.


4. Refuel

Eat foods that include a combination of protein and carbohydrates. The protein helps rebuild and repair muscle tissue, while the carbohydrate insures a fast delivery of protein into the cells. Refuel within 30 minutes after you workout which is when your muscles are ready to absorb the nutrients.