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4 Steps to Forming a Fitness Ritual

2015-12-02 | By: Snap Fitness

With the holiday season coming in hot, your calendar is probably already filled with get-togethers, family parties, work gatherings, and an endless to-do list before 2016! Don’t forget how important fitness is each and every month of the year. Stay strong and build a fitness ritual now for success in the year to come.


More than a habit, form a ritual or routine. Psychologists suggest that purposeful, goal-oriented actions to commit to be fit will roll into a lifelong routine of health and fitness. Below are four steps for anyone looking to form a long-lasting fitness ritual!


Set Time Aside In Your Schedule


Commit to a certain time of day that works for you and pencil that into your calendar. Register for a class, personal training session, or set a specific time to meet up with a friend at the gym to hold you accountable.


Schedule Different Exercises For Each Day


Change your routine up daily to keep from becoming bored. Running five miles each day or only lifting weights can cause you to burn out quickly, so change things up daily. This doesn’t mean you need a brand new routine to tackle each day or you need to always keep your body guessing. Keep things simple! Tackle an arm workout every Monday and get your cardio in on Tuesday and Thursday! As long as the same routine isn’t being performed each day, you’ll be working yourself towards success.


Find A Partner In Crime


Accountability is key! Social support can be a strong motivator to keep you on track and from ditching daily workouts. A workout partner can be your key to fitness success and forming a long-lasting habit.


Notice The Benefits


Take note of you how you feel prior to forming your ritual. Write it down or start a new note in your phone to remind yourself of how you felt in the beginning. A fitness ritual could stay strong simply because you remember how you used to feel when you weren’t working out. Take notes about improvements like improved sleep, more energy, and feeling more confident.


How do you plan to keep your fitness habits on track during the holiday season? Let us know on Facebook!

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