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4 Easy and Healthy Habits to Start Right Now

Four pieces of advice straight from our #SnapNation trainers.

2021-01-04 | By: Snap Fitness

Who's ready to take control of 2021?! Getting started can be the hardest part of your wellness journey, so we enlisted our #snapnation trainers to help you out. Here are four tips our trainers live by that help them accomplish their physical and mental wellness goals- big or small.

1. Four More Core:
Keep it simple in the beginning. Start with the “Four More Core”
1. More water
2. More veggies
3. More exercise
4. More sleep
Without changing much else, this will get you moving in the right direction.
Carrie, Snap Fitness Keizer

2. Set Goals
Set SMART goals and share them with your loved ones. Start slowly and keep increasing your effort. Open your calendar (or family calendar) and schedule your time for exercise. Pack a bag with your gym clothes and keep them in your car at all times and don't go home first!
Blake, Snap Fitness Chardon and Snap Fitness Geneva

3. Make Small and Consistent Changes
Each 1-2 weeks focus on one new habit and keep doing that habit until you feel like you have mastered it. Change takes time and to have long-term successful results you need to make the right amount of change for you. Taking on too many new things at once may become daunting causing you to give up. Have a plan that involves small changes like drinking x amount more water each day for a week, going to the gym 3 x per week for 30 minutes for 2 weeks, adding 10 minutes of cardio to your day etc.
Marcy, Snap Fitness Toronto

4. Have a Plan!
Have a plan! Does your plan meet your goals? Cardio time vs. resistance training, muscle balance (agonist vs antagonists) and recovery days should all be addressed within the plan.
Jaycee, Snap Fitness Cobblestone


If you're looking for more ways to stay motivated check out one of these options to keep your routine supported:

- Join our 28-Day Fitness Challenge, the Evolution Challenge, and take your fitness routine up a notch. Sign-up here

- Get a Myzone heart rate belt and join the Snap Nation community of your local club or clubs around the world using the Myzone app

- Join our #SNAPNATION Facebook group for exclusive member support and community

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