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3rd #SnapMadness Challenge: 5 Miles on the Elliptical

2014-03-20 | By: Snap Fitness

You're halfway done with #SnapMadness! How are you doing? Remember, these challenges are meant to be hard. We don't care how long it takes you to complete these workouts, just as long as you reach the required distance. We believe in you!


Ready for the third round? Your next workout is five miles on the elliptical. 


Here’s how you play:


1. Complete five miles on the elliptical.

2. Take a photo of yourself next to the distance on your machine’s display screen. We have to see this so we know you completed the challenge.

3. Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the #SnapMadness hashtag. 


Your photo must be posted by 8 a.m. Thursday, March 27. Don’t forget the #SnapMadness hashtag! We won’t accept photos missing the hashtag. Remember, you must have completed the first two challenges and submitted your photo to compete in our contest. If you didn't do our first challenges, you can still do this workout for fun!


Good luck!

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