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30 Ways to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

2016-12-09 | By: Snap Fitness

1. Eat ahead of the big meal so you're not starving when you get there

2. Bring along some healthy side dishes

3. Chew slowly!

4. Use a smaller plate

5. Ensure that you are getting protein

6. Fill up on fiber to keep you feeling full

7. Eat healthy fats

8. Fill your plate with vegetables

9. Skip the sugar

10. Take a break before going in for seconds

11. Freeze the leftovers

12. Curve your cravings in a healthy way

13. De-stress

14. Use Tupperware

15. Don't eat while watching television

16. Drink water between bites

17. Be wary of consuming too much alcohol

18. Set realistic goals

19. Stay positive

20. Partner-up to keep each other on track

21. Meditate

22. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep

23. Get moving at least 30 minutes a day

24. Deny temptation

25. Go easy on carbs

26. Drink plenty of water throughout the day

27. Chew gum

28. Just say no

29. Start your day with exercise

30. Plan ahead 


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