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30 Minute Incline Treadmill Workout

We’re Inclined to Get You Stronger

2019-08-30 | By: Snap Fitness

Shake up your runs with our challenging 30 minute incline treadmill workout.

This 30 minute workout is simple to remember but hard to master. 

It’s perfect for when you’re pressed for time, training for an upcoming race, or just looking to get in a good cardio session. 

What makes this workout stand out from your standard run is that you’ll be changing up the incline settings. In general, to mimic running outdoors, you’ll want to set your treadmill to a 1% incline. As you increase the incline, your quads, hamstrings, and glutes will all be working overtime to keep you moving “uphill.”  

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For this run, you’ll start off at a 2% incline and then you’ll increase that number by 3% every two minutes. For a real challenge, see if you can keep up a 4 mph pace throughout. While you’ll be running at the same speed, your legs and lungs are definitely going to be feeling the burn as the incline increases. 

Try to finish off the first set strong with a 15% incline. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to feel amazing when you’re able to return to that initial  2%!

  • Minutes 0-2 - 2% incline
  • Minutes 2-4 - 5% incline
  • Minutes 4-6 - 8% incline
  • Minutes 6-8 - 12% incline
  • Minutes 8-10 - 15% incline

Repeat this series three times. 

Too much of a challenge? No problem. Simply change the speed to what works best for you. If you’re going too fast or the incline feels like it’s too much, feel free to run a bit slower or decrease the time you spend in the higher inclines.

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