3 Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Snap Fitness

I see people on a daily basis that are working toward their fitness goals and it’s part of what makes being a personal trainer the best job in the world! It also makes it really hard to watch when people struggle to reach their goals or fall short of where they really want to be. I get this question all the time – “what do I need to do to reach my goal of _____?” Of course, each person has their own little or big issues. My job is to help them get them where they want to be. I have found that there are really three things that clients need to have to succeed long term to get (and stay!) healthy and fit.


First is a commitment to the goal.  Assuming the goal is a realistic and healthy goal, you need to be committed to reaching it. It can’t be a wishy-washy, pie in the sky; it has to be something that they really want for themselves. If the goal or end-result is to please someone else or to make someone else happy it won’t stick because the true motivation just isn’t there. They need to commit to making it happen and keep that goal in mind during the tough times because those will come and the fluffy goals that are not rooted in something solid fall by the wayside.


The second basic principle is consistency. I’m not asking you to kill it in the gym seven days a week and do two-a-days starting at 5 a.m. All I want is a solid effort and to get all your work done for the week both in the gym and at the dinner table. If your goal means that much to you, then you need to make the required effort to make that goal happen, if that means two or three times per week or more than that. A couple weeks of good hard work goes away quickly when you take a week off here or there and are not consistently making progress forward.


The final and most important piece of the puzzle is a plan. What we talked about in regards to consistency applies to following the plan even more! You can be as committed and consistent as you can possibly be ,but if you’re not following the plan you or your trainer has laid out to get you to that goal, you won’t get there nearly as quickly.  If your plan requires a five-mile run but you cut it off at three because you weren’t “in the mood” or if you should be doing three sets of an exercise but settle for two instead, then you’re only short circuiting the plan. I see so many members working but not getting where they want because they are not sticking to the plan in either the exercise or diet department or sometimes both! It should go without saying but do what your personal trainer tells you to do or you may not reach your goals as quickly. They set up that plan for you so work with them if you feel it needs an adjustment.


Commitment, consistency, and plan. These three items will get you where you want to be and you’ll get to your goal in the shortest time possible! If you feel like you aren’t making progress, make sure you double check these three areas and make sure you’re doing best in each area. Remember it takes time but with these three principals, you’ll make that goal a reality.