3 Fitness Tips For Pet Owners

Snap Fitness

Here’s a scary fact: According to a recent study the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 52.5 percent of dogs and 58.3 percent of cats in the United States are overweight or obese. That's an estimated 36.7 million dogs and 43.2 million cats. Even scarier? Research has shown that animal obesity can often time be a result in part because of the owner’s unhealthy lifestyle habits.

To help you watch your waistline (and your furry friend’s too), we’ve put together our list of three tips to add activity to your day for you and your pets.

1)  Schedule it ahead of time – The key to getting results is routine. If you schedule yourself a time to work out each day, you’re far more likely to actually go through with it than if you just say “I’ll do it sometime.” The same goes for your pets. If you make it a priority to play with your cat, walk your dog, or just be up and moving as a team, the chances of you actually going through with it will improve. We get it, the couch is comfy. Don’t be lured into a lazy night by puppy dog (or cat) eyes!

2) Find a pet partner – Accountability is another key when it comes to a furry fitness routine. Sure, you and your four legged counterpart are exercising together, but living in the same house it can be easy excuses to creep in, especially after a long day of work, school or watching cars drive by. If you find another pet partner, you can schedule walks, runs, trips to the dog park and other fitness meet-ups for you and your pets. If you know someone is waiting for you, there’s a better chance you’ll peel yourself away from the TV and get somefresh air.

3) Reposition their food – OK, this one is more for your pets than it is for you. If you have a cat or dog looking to lose a few pounds, trying putting their food somewhere that they to climb in order to reach. That little extra activity can go a long way in combatting those extra pounds, keeping your canine, feline or any other form of “line” a mean, lean face-licking machine.

Activity is good for everybody – no matter how many legs you have. Get your pet up and moving and you might just find yourself inspired to do it too!