3 Easy Changes to Improve Your Diet

Snap Fitness

We are all busy, and making time to eat right is an extra challenge that we just don’t do well naturally. We want what is easy and fast so we can get on with our day and check more things off our to-do lists. Unfortunately, making that “I’ll just swing into that drive-thru and start eating better tomorrow” happens way too often! Make these three changes now for one week. I bet you’ll feel way better about your health and fitness and see that waist line start to shrink in short order!


1)    Drink water instead of calorie-filled drinks. Your goal should be to not drink any of your calories for a week. Chances are you’ll feel better and your body will have the water it needs to perform optimally. Start by drinking half your body weight in ounces at a minimum and go from there.


2)    Bump up your fiber. Add more fiber from solids sources like veggies and fruits to keep your body clean and help you stay fuller longer.


3)    Aim for lean protein! Too often, our protein sources are coming from items with high-fat content and are overly processed. Try to stick to lean sources like chicken, fish, beans, and lean red meat, too. 


Stick to these for one week and see the difference eating cleaner makes. You won’t miss the quick and easy fast-food options because you’ll feel so much better!