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3 Biggest Changes to our Evolution Challenge

2021-01-10 | By: Snap Fitness

Get ready to have a Trainer and Nutritionist in the palm of your hand.

Some of you may have done the Snap Fitness Evolution Challenge in the past, but this year it's going to look a little different. We've taken our Evolution Challenge to the next level, so it's even easier for you to make healthy habits a priority this New Year.

Here are the top three things that will be different for our Evolution Challenge this year!

1. It's an App

In the past, we used a written PDF plan for you to follow, but this year we turned it up a notch with a multi-use app, so you can conveniently track your progress wherever you go! Want to do your 28-day challenge from home? Not a problem when you have all your workouts, meals, and motivation in your back pocket. The app will make it even easier for you to focus on your healthy habits.

The 28-day challenge the app gives you:

• Daily workouts
• Healthy habit tracking
• Nutritious recipes based on your goals and diet
• Meal planner + shopping list
• Mindfulness content
• Access to the #SNAPNATION Community

2. Open to Everyone

In years past, the Evolution Challenge was exclusive to #SNAPNATION members only, but after experiencing 2020, we knew that the mental, physical and nutritional wellness of all people in our communities needed to be a priority! This year the Evolution Challenge is open to the general public! Are you looking to learn healthy habits, but not join a gym due to COVID-19 concerns? We got you! The Evolution Challenge is here to walk you through how to start building daily healthy habits in all areas of your life, plus give you the opportunity to win CASH from our $5,000 USD prize pool!

When you complete all daily workouts and submit your progress (the ultimate accountability partner) you'll be entered into a pool to win cool prizes!

• $3,000 Cash Grand Prize
• $1,000 Cash First Runner Up
• $500 Cash Second Runner Up
• 1 Year of BiPro Protein Powder (Link to BiPro's website)
• Premium Snap Fitness Swag

3. Gain Personalized Meal Plans and a Recipe Library

The tools you need to start a successful routine in the New Year are included in your app along with personalized meal plans and a recipe library to get you started. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks - we have all the recipes you need to stay focused on a healthy diet during your 28-day journey.


#SNAPNATION Tip: Choose the recipes you want to use a week in advance to create a shopping list based on your meals. This will save you so much time during the week while you focus on your daily workouts, and healthy habit tracking.

Want to hear from #SNAPNATION Members about their Evolution Challenge experience? Read some success stories below!

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If you're ready to give yourself the ultimate lifestyle change for good, the Evolution Challenge is here for you. Sign-up here, or ask your local club for more details.

A big THANK YOU to our Partners and Sponsors for this challenge!

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