20-Minute Cable Workout

Snap Fitness

Ready to amp up your workout? The cable tower found in most Snap Fitness gyms has weight stacks and swappable handles. They allow for more functional movements so you can work your muscles from all angles with a better range of motion. The cables keep your muscles under constant tension, giving you a tough workout. Click on the links below to watch demonstrations of these seven workouts.


Cable Leg Raise

Targets: Hip flexors and quadriceps


Cable Glute Kickbacks

Targets: Glutes and hamstrings


Cable Machine Curls

Targets: Biceps


Shoulder Rotator on Cable

Targets: Internal rotators


Cable Machine Rows

Targets: Lats and rhomboids


Cable Flyes

Targets: Pectorals (chest) and anterior deltoid


Cable Machine Pull-downs

Targets: Lats and lower traps


Try this simple 20-Minute cable workout this week and let us know on our Facebook or Twitter how you liked it!