15 Superfoods for Weight Loss

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Here is a list of superfoods for a super YOU!


1. Black Beans

- Loaded with protein and zero saturated fats.

- Add with brown rice for a healthy and harty protein/carb combo.


2. Oats

- High in fiber, boosts metabolism, and burns fat.

- Start of your morning with whole grain oats and fruit.


3. Avocado

- Packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

- Avocado is very tasty with eggs.


4. Salmon

- Lean protein and packed with monounsaturated fats.

- Have it by itself or throw it in a sandwhich or salad.


5. Blueberries

- Anti-aging and a high fiber content for low calories.

- Toss in your next smoothie!


6. Broccoli

- Also high fiber content with less than 30 calories per serving.

- Eat it raw, steamed, or roasted but don't ruin it with ranch sauce.


7. Brown Rice

- Healthy carb that burns fat and boosts metabolism.

- Pair with chicken for a great post-workout meal.


8. Pear

- Has 15% of your daily fiber intake.

- The peeling contains most of the fiber.


9. Grapefruit

- Contains 90% water.

- Grill your grapefruit to bring out more flavor with the natural sugars.


10. Kidney Beans

- High in protein and in resistant starch.

- Kidney beans taste great in chili!


11. Almonds

- Contain healthy fats to slim down.

- Swapping out crackers for almonds can do wonders.


12. Green Tea

- Contains antioxidants that burn fat and calories.

- Drink 3-5 cups a day to lose weight.


13. Lentils 

- A half-cup serving contains 3.4 grams of resistant starches that burn fat and boost metabolism.

- The ways to eat lentils are endless. Cook them up and add to your favorite dish to get all the lentil nutrients.


14. Banana

- One banana contains a whopping 12.5 grams of resistant starches.

- Mush a banana into a bowl, put it in the freezer until it is an ice cream-like texture, and enjoy your healthy ice cream.


15. Eggs

- Loaded with protein that curbs your appetite.

- Make sure you have hard-boiled eggs packed in your lunch for a quick and nutritious snack.



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