Snap Fitness UK member wins a trip to the USA!

#SnapUK are pleased to announce the winner of the national referral campaign, Jason Neale from Snap Fitness Burntwood!

Club Manager, Mark Stainer commented "Out of all the hundreds of entrants, across so many Snap Fitness clubs in the UK, we’re really happy the winner came from our club in Burntwood. Jason has been a member with us since day one and trains on a weekly basis. From all the staff at Snap Fitness Burntwood, we hope Jason and his partner thoroughly enjoy their trip!"

Club Managers, Mark and Chad asked Jason a few questions on how it felt to have won and his plans for the upcoming trip:

How does it feel to have won?
Well, I still can’t believe I’ve won a trip to America. It’s absolutely amazing! I'm overwhelmed to say the least. To have won this outstanding prize is literally a dream come true. An opportunity of a lifetime. Now I finally have the chance to visit such an unbelievable country!
Where are you are thinking of going in the US?
I want to make the most of the trip so I'm thinking of visiting a few states. I've been doing some research and California, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon and Wyoming are the places I'm most interested in. 
Are you taking anyone with you?
Yes, I’ll be taking my partner with me and she’s as excited as I am!
Will you be using your access card out there and tapping into a Snap Fitness?
Yes, I definitely will. No doubt I’ll visit a few clubs whilst I’m over there, it would be rude not to. It'll be good to see a club in the States. 
How long have you been training at Snap Fitness for?
I’ve been a member of Snap Fitness Burntwood since it first opened back in February!
Why did you originally join Snap Fitness and what do you like about the club?
I joined as it’s an awesome gym! It’s close and the best in the area. They have great equipment and I love that it's open 24/7. The staff are nice! And friendly, it’s just a great atmosphere in the gym which makes it easy and comfortable to train in! I would recommend anyone to join!