Earn With Apple Watch

Start earning your way towards an Apple Watch today. Simply download the Snap App, integrate with your Apple Watch, and start earning credits that can be used towards your future membership payments.*

*Terms and Conditions apply. Available at participating clubs only. 

How does it work?

You need to link your Apple Watch in the Snap App. Click on the setting icon, then integrations and link your watch.

The Earn With Apple Watch programme will automatically appear in the Track section of the Snap App. You will see monthly milestones you’re aiming to reach—gym visits and Apple Rings data will flow through automatically over a 24 month period.

If you don't already have an Apple Watch you can purchase on through the link in the Snap App.

How Much Can I Earn?

You will then start earning membership credits to the value of your Apple Watch up to £179 over a 24 month period.

How are credits calculated?

Credits are calculated on a maximum of 21 ring completions (all three rings) and 12 gym visits per month, to a total of £7.46.

However, you don't need to complete all goals and visits to gain credits, e.g. if you complete 12 rings and 8 gym visits, the credit would be £4.62 for that month.

How Am I Credited?

At the end of the 24-month period, your club will automatically apply the credit you've earned to your future membership payments.

*See Terms and Conditions above.

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