Going the distance to keep you safe

Welcome back to Snap Fitness! All our clubs are now open and have kept the following measures in place to help keep you safe. 


Your Safety Matters

Our members health and safety is our number one priority. Whilst restrictions in the UK have eased, we ask that you continue to follow some basic rules to ensure we provide a safe and welcoming environment for you to enjoy staying fit, healthy and active.

If you've returned already, we hope you're enjoying training again. If you're yet to return or a new member, please read through the below and feel free to speak to your club manager if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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Cleaning & Sanitation

Deep Cleans

All clubs will continue to be thoroughly cleaned each week with suitable cleaning products. 


Air Quality

Although it is not required by the government, Snap Fitness abides by the recommended guidance published by Sport England when designing its heating, cooling and ventilation systems. This means proper ventilation of second-hand air and the introduction of fresh air all into your training spaces.

Cleaning Product

Capacity Limits

Club Usage

At Snap Fitness we have always had capacity limits on the number of members a club has, because we believe that our members should have unrestricted access to equipment without crowds.

Booking System

Whilst no longer legally required, some of our clubs may continue to use a booking system to help control the busier times. In advance of training, we would recommend contacting your local club to see if they have a booking system in place and how to book on if they do. 

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Group Activity

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainers will continue to support our members and will ensure that any equipment used is cleaned after use.


Classes are now back to full capacity however we recommend checking with your local club to see how to book on. 

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Club Rules

Sanitise Your Hands

We will continue to have hand sanitising dispensers in all areas of our clubs and recommend all members continue to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to help stop the spread of Covid-19. 

Keep It Clean

We have provided more cleaning stations around the gym, please use the antibacterial spray and wipes to clean down equipment after use.

Keep A Lid On It

For additional precaution, when using the toilets please close the lid on the toilet prior to flushing.


We hope you enjoy your workout at Snap Fitness.